Framework - Equity

Increase quality child care in underserved communities

Performance Measure
On Track - making progress towards goal Children in accredited child care

Performance Indicator Key:
Indicator Image
On Track On Track - making progress towards goal

Caution Caution - progress to goal interrupted

Needs Work Needs Work - insufficient progress towards goal

To Be Determined To Be Determined

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Source: Children and Family Services Administration

Increase by 1% each year using Fiscal Year 2012 as a base.


Increase by 1% each year using Fiscal Year 2012 as a base.

How We Are Doing:

On Track - making progress towards goal On Track

Why This Is Important:

High-quality early care and education experiences are associated with better child outcomes, particularly for children from low income families. Providers eligible for the accreditation differential have met a quality standard set by an outside accrediting body. Family child care providers eligible for the credential differential have training and degrees in the areas of early childhood education.

DHS' Role:

Minnesota statute sets the standard and quality differential maximum reimbursement rates that can be paid to child care providers through the Child Care Assistance Program. DHS implements the rate structure. Child care providers are selected by families in the private market.

Key Strategies, Initiatives, or Programs Affecting This Measure:

A 15% higher maximum reimbursement rate, not to exceed the child care provider's charge, may be paid to providers who meet quality standards defined in statute. DHS contracts for an accreditation facilitation project and offers reimbursement for some costs of accreditation. DHS contracts with child care resource and referral to inform parents about accredited programs.

Influences the Following State Outcome(s):


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