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Source: Children and Family Services Administration

The percentage of children who do not experience repeat maltreatment within six months.


Achieve 94.6% or higher each quarter (the federal child welfare performance standard).

How We Are Doing:

On Track - making progress towards goal On Track

Why This Is Important:

Child safety is paramount and the public child welfare system is accountable to reduce repeat child maltreatment for those highest risk situations requiring a Family Investigation.

DHS' Role:

The Minnesota public child welfare system is a state supervised, county/AICWI (American Indian Child Welfare Initiative) tribally administered system. The Department of Human Services through the Child Safety and Permanency Division is the single state agency under federal requirements to monitor local agency performance related to child safety, permanency and well-being outcomes for children involved in the public child welfare system.

Key Strategies, Initiatives, or Programs Affecting This Measure:

Child Welfare Dashboard quarterly posting by county/AICWI tribe; local Child and Family Services Review; Signs of Safety available in specific local agencies; Parent Support Outreach Program available in specific local agencies.

Influences the Following State Outcome(s):


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