Source: Children and Family Services Administration

The percentage of potentially eligible persons and seniors who access the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).


Improve to 69% for all persons potentially eligible and 50% for Seniors potentially eligible.

How We Are Doing:

On Track - making progress towards goal On Track

Why This Is Important:

Providing Supplemental Nutrition Assistance to people in poverty improves their nutrition and health. Seniors are less likely than younger people to apply.

DHS' Role:

DHS supervises county administration of SNAP. Counties determine the eligibility of persons applying for SNAP and provide the food grant to eligible cases (household eating groups of people determined eligible) via Electronic Benefit Cards. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) measures the rate at which each State is reaching SNAP eligible people. If high enough, USDA bonus funds become available to assist us in meeting our goals. DHS manages Minnesota's USDA SNAP Outreach plan. In addition to conducting statewide outreach efforts, in FFY 2013, 30 community agencies will screen for eligibility and conduct application assistance.

Key Strategies, Initiatives, or Programs Affecting This Measure:

DHS has launched multi-faceted efforts to increase program awareness and participation: Collaboration with United Way agencies to increase access points to SNAP in Minnesota communities; Collaboration of 50+ community agencies from the Nutritious Food Coalition, which has included three newly formed workgroups; Public Awareness campaign targeting Seniors and the Working Poor; Received a waiver from the USDA's Food and Nutrition Service since January 1, 2009 that allows unemployed, able bodied adults with no dependents to receive SNAP for as long as they meet other eligibility criteria (previous to the waiver, these people were limited to three months in 36 month period.

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